The Shooting Game’s equivalent of making a silk purse from a sow’s ear is currently refining weaponry into competition-level accuracy, especially with autoloading rifles and pistols, whose primary design criteria are sturdy structure and reliability, with accuracy that is inborn a afterthought. It has been thirty years since Ruger introduced their Mini-14. Patented integral scope mounts, machined directly on the solid steel receiver, provide a stable mounting surface for range rings, eliminating a potential source of looseness and inaccuracy in the field (scope rings included). My grandfather introduced an M1 Carbine back from World War II and they are very similar in usefulness and design .

An Overview of my Ruger Mini-14 Ranch Rifle. Over 18 months of dedicated effort to retool our Mini-14 lineup has resulted in the precisely fitted Ranch Rifles ever provided. Based off the effective M-14 gun, that inturn was created from the famed M-1 Garand, the Mini 14 is a move to gun for sport shooting, and as a knock on ranch rifle. In the last few decades, I haven’t read in gun magazines.

Since they had the barrels together with all the stocks anyway, I was never happy with the accuracy in my Mini’s. Among the greatest developments to this Mini-14 came along at the form of the Ranch Rifle in 1982. I paid $830 for your rifle brand new, and I can live with these quirks for a gun that has the kind of reliability and is the cost that the miniature has.

18 Ruger doesn’t currently create 30-round Mini Thirty magazines. Expect Ruger construct quality to be evident in the performance of the Mini-14, although I have not had it into the range yet. I worked construction in the Eddyville, Kentucky State Prison when I first laid my eyes on the Mini-14. 9 10 The Goal Rifle doesn’t have iron sights but comprises the scope rings and Picatinny rail mount.

While I wouldn’t assert that this rifle is an “minute of angle” gun, I am fully confident that it can always shoot groups from the 1″-1.5″ range, that is much more than good enough for southern Missouri coyote hunting. It appears that most press is given to the latest best scope for a ruger mini 14 ranch rifle and greatest in gun layout, however, the Mini has been in existence for three decades, and is still one of the better auto loading carbines available for a rugged, reliable, regular gun to keep along on the farm or ranch.

I took the rifle for a first break-in and some accuracy testing. Indeed, the very name Ranch Rifle” that Ruger has applied to many of the Mini 14’s show where maybe its greatest utility lies. With this guide, I ordered a Ranch Rifle with all all the wood stock. Your ranch gun right cans turn or extend your afternoon target shooting session.

Ranked 5 out of 5 by Uncle Doug from Outstanding Rifle Reminiscent of my M-14 Army rifle from back in the 60’s. Since you’re able to get a good grip on 16, it’s easier with a mag. The mill 5 round vanishes to the stock, which is something that I like when shooting at the rifle. I guess I should start with why I got a Ruger Mini 14 ranch rifle in the first place.

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